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Do you guys ever get teased by adults when you’re with the opposite sex. Even if you’re just sitting next to them, they would whisper and giggle and ask if you’re their your bf/gf. Maybe they’re not that familiar with platonic friendships. Why do you think they act like this?

Formula to Filipino Courtship

Tuksuhan (Teasing)-> Suyuan (Declaration of love)->Harana (Serenade)->Pasalubong (Gifts for the Girl or and family)-> Pamamanhikan (Visiting the woman and ask for her parents blessings)->Magkasintahan (boyfriend/girlfriend with the parents approval.)

*I think that as time goes by this kind of tradition if fading and I just want everyone to know that when it’s come to declaration of Love, Filipinos are still the best. :)

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Filipino mom and grandma at Panda Express Employee: What would you like today?
Mom: *turns to grandma* Anong gusto mo? (What do you want?)
Grandma: orange chicken and pancit
Mom: *to employee* We want orange chicken and pancit.
Employee: *confused face* What?
Daughter/@ububily: *laughs to herself*


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